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Our Design Process

Understanding is most important to us, as we do in Orbeem Technologies. We always begin a project by discussing it with our clients, they need to fill up a form online which can give us some idea about your business. Then we would arrange a meeting on any of online platform clients want, if possible we meet our clients in person to discover their main business objectives. Then we aim to understand customer’s needs.

A nice design is just a byproduct of this understanding.

Each project we work on follows a strict chronological set of repeat processes. We’ve found that no matter how diverse the project, they usually share around 80% of the same steps in the creation process. So if you’re wondering how we manage to do it, here’s our website building process and how it can help your business.

Our Approach

Before we begin; phases 1 to 4 cover web platforms / applications and 1 to 2 covers print/brand.

Phase 1. Discovery Process Discuss requirements, desires, core design concept, likes and dislikes. We will ask you some tough questions, challenge your perceptions & get to know how your customer thinks. Discuss rough costs then provide a detailed quote and review with you. Project plan delivery & research competition and angles of approach.

Phase 2. User Experience Design We create ideas from sketches. Working closely with our creative director and engaging with users for final draft, we then will design the graphics and Style guides. + 4 rounds of feedback.

Phase 3. Website development / Testing Our team of web developers create your website. With the project management software in place, our operations manager can ensure everything is running on-time, to plan and on-budget. Then, our eagle-eyed developers and managers hunting down any possible issues from the build process. If any are found, they’re fixed fully before your website goes live.

Phase 4. Launch / Support After your project is fully tested and gets your approval, it’s time to LAUNCH and your new website is live! With one month included post delivery support and management options.

Is That It? NO! Marketing, You Need To Let Customers Know You’re Here!

Having a high quality website/brand that will convert visitors to buyers is one thing – but what if your target audience are completely unaware of its existence? You’ll need to market your new site correctly, to the right people. Luckily, we are a full service digital agency. We thrive on providing effective online marketing that delivers sales and profits to our clients.

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We solve any digital agency problems

We employ a variety of proven processes to provide you with a great project solution and most of these revolve around listening & planning.

We work in all sectors, all countries, all of the time. If you wish to discuss a project, email or call us and provide as much detail as possible, there is a quoting guide on our contact page or call us to discuss your project: 0449 568 786

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