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Orbeem Technologies Services & Frequently Asked Questions

Websites, Marketing and Branding are a very involved & an important part of your business growth strategy, allow us to simplify the process for you. Got questions? Find answers here.


1) What sort of design work do you do?

We are specialized in website development, Graphic Designing, Branding design / naming, Social media plans & integration, Email EDM campaigns & print design, creative ideas for your business.

2) I’m starting a new business, can you help with my logo and branding?

Absolutely, we are team of great ideas, we always welcome this type of work. We have named and branded many businesses. Just ask and we can show you some examples. [email protected]

3) How long will it take?

It is absolutely depends upon you, we are in no rush 🙂 Below are average time a normal product take.

Websites can take anywhere from 2 week to 6 weeks depending on size and scope. We always start with discovery to know your business and finish with user manuals for your site.

Branding takes 1-3 weeks minimum and is a very involved process that cannot be rushed.

Graphic Design jobs can take from 4 days to 2 weeks to brainstorm some creative ideas and then design. If you want we can print and deliver.

If you need some urgent work you can contact us. Welcome anytime.

4) What do your websites cost?

Our prices depend on many factors. To get a better idea of the cost of what you need, contact us. We’ll ask a few questions about your project, what features and interactivity you’ll need, who will handle content development, whether or not you’d like to sell online. After this short discussion, we should be able to give you a ballpark number. If you’re still interested, we’ll be happy to develop a comprehensive proposal that outlines the scope, process and costs.

5) How much will my logo cost?

Generally logos start from $150 and we recommend to allow 1-2 weeks to develop the concept properly with you, it’s best to get a quote first. Some brand designs can be cheaper, or more costly depending on your requirements: [email protected]

6) How much will my email or flyer design cost?

Most designs take at least a full day to finish, this includes 3 rounds of included revisions, it all depends on the content and imagery, It’s best to get a quote first: [email protected]

7) Do you redesign existing sites?

Yes of course,  It is never too late to make the adjustments that will result in growth of your business.

8) What do I have to do or supply to have my Website created?

We will need you to supply the content for all the pages decided upon. You will not need to organize it, or lay it out or format it in any way; we handle all of this for you. After supplying us with information you will occasionally need to confirm or make changes to our work in progress.

9) What Content Management System do you develop for?

We specialise in WordPress, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify & Squarespace website development.

10) Do you provide web hosting solutions?

Yes we can organize hosting for you at monthly or discount yearly costs.

11) Do you develop e-commerce sites?

Yes we do and we use Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Magento or Shopify. We integrate all major payment gateways.

12) Do you provide ongoing support?

Our website code is covered by a 30 day warranty, beyond that we can provide monthly ongoing maintenance as required, For more information: [email protected]

13) Why should I choose Orbeem Technologies?

You should choose Orbeem Technologies because we are forward thinking creative strategists and business minded to boot. We care about the end result for your Business case and we involve you in the process. We believe that our strong portfolio and our solid reputation for producing quality work on time and on budget are our best sales tools. We provide a list of references with each proposal.

14) Can I edit my website after it is live?

Yes, we create documentation on how to edit your site and we will guide you through it. Or you can hire us to do it for you for a small monthly fee, just ask – [email protected]

15) Will I be involved in the design and/or development?

Yes, we will keep you involved with the design process and your feedback is very important.

16) I am currently hosted with another hosting company can I use my existing web hosting?

In most cases you can use your existing web hosting dependent upon its features.

17) Will my website will work on mobile and tablets?

Yes absolutely! Every website we build is mobile friendly. The method we use to achieve this is known as responsive design, which ensures that the site works well on a wide variety of screen sizes, from smartphones and tablets through to small and large desktop monitors.

18) Can you integrate our current system with the new website?

Yes, if it is WordPress or Magento. If it is another system, we will need to review the site and see what is possible. Please enquire – [email protected]

Does we provide copywriting services?

Yes, We do.

19) How can I pay?

You can pay using Credit card, Payoneer, Bitcoin or via Western Union, Moneygram, Xpress Money.


Anything else?

Call: +1 (212) 202-0438 or Email via the form here

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