Pleading Guilty

If you plead guilty to a charge, it means that you admit breaking the law and committing that offence. A Magistrate in NSW will generally sentence you on the same day if you plead guilty unless you need more time to prepare for the plea hearing.

Pleading guilty at early stage of the proceeding may entitle you to receive maximum sentencing discount. Our experienced Criminal Lawyer can assist you in the following areas

  • Explaining you the court process
  • Negotiating with the prosecution to amend facts before pleading guilty to any charge.
  • Help you in drafting character references to be tendered to the court
  • Getting specialists reports for you e.g. expert report by a psychiatrist where applicable
  • Helping you arrange to enrol in offenders’ programmes that help you with your future behaviour and for a lesser sentence.
  • Enrolment in the Rahab programs
  • Requesting full assessment or duty reports
  • Oral and/or written submission on the day of sentence hearing
Criminal Law Expertise

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