Retail/Commercial Leases

Lease is a tailored, legally binding agreement between the business owner and the landlord. The terms and conditions of the lease are often negotiable with respect to rent, outgoings, term of lease, options to renew, fit-out periods and so on. The lease terms and conditions need to be carefully considered to ensure that they suit the unique requirements of your business. Once the agreement is signed and the lease commences there will not be an opportunity to amend the agreement and any mistakes could severely affect your business. In NSW lessor must provide the lessee a disclosure statement before entering into a lease agreement. The disclosure statement is a document that summarizes the terms of the retail lease.

Our experienced Commercial Lawyer can assist you in the following areas

  • Reviewing disclosure statement
  • Reviewing lease agreement
  • Negotiate the term of the lease
  • Negotiate clauses of the lease
  • Advice on guarantee
  • Assisting in obtaining certificate of currency
  • Assisting in obtaining bank guarantee
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