Sale and purchase of business

Buying a Business

Buying a business is overly exciting however sometimes the process of buying a business can become so complex if you do not follow the due process.

Our experienced Business Lawyer will assist you in the following areas

  • A thorough review of the sale of business contract
  • Reviewing employment agreement of the transferring employees
  • Reviewing terms and conditions of the existing lease of the business premises
  • Making sure that the business is free from any liabilities or debts
  • Business Turnover
  • Agreements with current suppliers
  • Assets and liabilities of the business
  • Any court proceeding against the business
  • Any tenancy disputes
  • Assisting our valued clients in obtaining valuation of the business report
Selling a Business

The best time to sell your business is when sales and profits are strong. Planning the sale of your business involves making specific decisions about why, when and what are you selling, and who are you selling to. Selling a business can at times be challenging but our experienced Business Lawyer will assist you in the following areas

  • Drafting Contracts for Sale of Business
  • Draft Special Conditions of the Contract
  • Valuation of the Business
  • Negotiate the sale
  • Take care of your employees
  • Exchanging the Contract
  • Attending Settlement
Business Law Expertise

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