Sale and Purchase of Property

Our experienced Property Lawyers can assist you in your conveyancing transaction in the following manners

  • Reading of contracts and advising clients
  • Negotiation with other party solicitors and attending to execution of the contracts
  • Drafting of sale of property contracts
  • Preparing and ordering certificates, conduct various searches
  • Preparing rent to buy agreements
  • Completing various forms such as GST property withholding, FRCGWCC and EDR
  • Ensuring that all special conditions in the contracts are fulfilled before settlement
  • Assisting clients in securing loan from banks and correspondence with brokers and incoming mortgagees
  • Preparing settlement sheets
  • Attending online settlement.
  • Liaising with relevant councils and water authorities

If you are planning to buy or sell your property or have a contract for sale of land that you need advice on, contact our experienced Property Lawyer now.

Property Law Expertise

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